Moving on.

Many times I've been told All this talk Will make you old So, I'll close my eyes Won't look behind Movin' on Movin' on So I'll close my eyes Won't look behind Movin' on Lost again Lost again One day I know Our paths will cross again Smile again Smile again One Day I hope I'll make you smile again And I won't hide - Michael Kiwanuka- Home Again


Fay Wolf

breaking and falling apart again. need to stop doing this. it's just an image in my head, it's not real. it's an idea. nothing more. I don't want to do epic tragic romance anymore. I want a normal healthy story now please. no more pieces and clouds. no more longing for nothing, no more lies to myself. I want to tell. how you don't even know how hurt feels and what it means. cut off at the knees. you don't know how a face can inspire such mixed feelings. fire and ice and tumbling revolutionaries. fireworks and soulless minds conspiring, eyes burning into skin, marked for the count of worthless lovers. I'm still counting. How to face this in four weeks, it's impossible when silence hits like a wall, better than my walls. Stronger and wider.


Rae Morris

My senses fall Inside these walls of mine, I’m still a little child. And in the end I'll stop pretending. Sent five roses with lyrics we have in common and three kisses at the end. I would have sent a thousand more if it would have mattered. Not a single word in return but the birds they whisper that you liked them. What does that mean. You liked them but roses are lovely and I'm still blue. Is there still feeling, tell me is it true? Maybe the message was lost on the way, I would have stayed if you begged me to stay.



I've got nothing left inside of my chest, but it's all alright. everyone I love is gonna leave me.


I wouldn't

how do you tell someone that you cry every day because of them, and in the night you drink to numb the pain of missing them. how do you tell someone that your heart is breaking in tiny million pieces because of them. how do you tell someone that the reason you can't talk to them is that you are too scared to find out that they don't care about you at all anymore, because the pain of knowing that would be too much and would eventually send you over the edge. It would be a beautiful love letter, and a terrible one. who wants to hear they are the cause of so much pain?